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Who is Born Classic?

From the designers eye _ Brandon Vitello. A Ripple Effect: I was inspired by form, function, and technology from a young age. Growing up in the 90's, I experienced the leftovers of the 80's, and the transition to the dawn of a new Millennium. My father had a great eye, and had an early eighties SL growing up, and we always lusted after the neighbors VW's and Porsches. I got hooked on TV shows like Top Gear, and games like Forza Motorsports and thought about the ultimate dream garage. I had a 2001 Audi S4, as my first car, that was too fast and got me in trouble. As I got older, my interests broadened to Supras, rare JDM's, early AMG's, and classic BMW's. I had 50 cars in the next 10 years. This all led me to where I am now, a man driven by inspiration and passion for design. Design is the one thing that links all of my favorite cars, no matter the engine or the manufacturer. Form and function and great design is undeniable. I look for the X-Factor in a car, and sometimes it is not the car itself that provides that feeling, it is a small accessory, such as leather booklet containing an owners manual, a special keychain, or a set of gloves. When all these things come together and you drive your favorite car, the magic happens, because you are truly connected with that machine and immersed in the experience. Driving classic cars brings us back to a different era, of design, technology, and connection. I want to share this experience with others who love their cars, and give them unique limited apparel that embodies the great designs that we all love.

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